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The New Leaf Difference:

New Leaf respects you and appreciates that it is your decision to sell your structured settlement payments. Once you make the decision to get immediate access to your future structured settlement payments, New Leaf is the clear choice to ensure you receive the cash you need

We understand that people often exchange their structured settlement payments for lump-sum cash in order to gain the freedom that comes with controlling their money and their destiny.  In discussing options with you, we listen to what you want. Based on our decades of experience with people selling their structured settlement payments, New Leaf we will take the time to review your alternatives with you and design options intimately tailored to your situation and your goals. 


What sets New Leaf apart is our “customer first” policies and practices.  When it comes to any transaction involving your structured settlement payments, we promise you:   

  1. Great Price:  We know you deserve the best, and we will provide you great pricing each and every time for your structured settlement payments.
  1. Free Quote:  The New Leaf “Free Quote” is truly unconditional and requires no commitment from you.  You will never receive pressure from New Leaf to make a decision to sell your structured settlement payments.  Once you receive our Free Quote for your structured settlement payments, take as long as you need to decide if it is right for you. 
  1. No Fees:  New Leaf will never charge you legal fees, processing fees, or transaction fees in connection with exchanging your structured settlement payments for immediate cash.  At New Leaf we don’t believe in “hidden costs”.  Other companies that buy structured settlement payments may not point out those fees that will be deducted from the amount they quote you when it comes to pay you.  At New Leaf, that is NOT an issue- there are NO FEES.  Our Free Quote for your structured settlement payments is the amount you will receive.  Period.
  1. Speed:  You are selling your future structured settlement payments because you need cash now.  New Leaf understands that and our team of professionals will move the process along as quickly as possible. 
  1. Customer Service:  At New Leaf, you will get personalized service and this includes a dedicated professional assigned to your structured settlement payment file.  This professional will know every detail of your structured settlement file and always be available to answer your questions.  
  1. Peace of Mind:  With New Leaf, you can change your mind at ANY TIME. At any point, you are free to decide not to go forward with exchanging your structured settlements for an immediate lump sum payment.  Be careful out there, other companies may not have the same policy.  We want you to know that when you chose New Leaf, we ALWAYS respect your decision… even if your decision is that you do not need an immediate lump sum payment and want to wait for your structured settlement payments.  Its policies like this that make customers love the peace of mind of dealing with New Leaf.
  1. Availability:  With offices on the west coast and east coast, someone is always available at New Leaf to answer your questions regarding your structured settlement transaction.  Your calls will always be returned.  Your questions will always be answered.
  1. Options:    New Leaf has the expertise to design a quote with regard to your structured settlement payments that meet your specific needs. You owe it to yourself to compare our offer before you agree to sell your structured settlement payments to anyone else. In developing the options, WE LISTEN TO YOU.  That means you tell us if you want to exchange:
    1. Part of each structured settlement payment
    2. The entire structured settlement payment
    3. only structured settlement payments for a certain period of time

As you will see, at New Leaf you will always receive first rate personal service when it comes to your structured settlement payment transaction.  We care about you and making sure your experience with us is hassle free and service is professional and straightforward. 






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