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1.            Give us a Call.  Even if you already have a quote from one of our competitors for your structured settlement payments you MUST call us.  You deserve to know if you can get more money for selling your structured settlement payments. 

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2.            Avoid Hidden Fees.  When talking with other companies about selling your structured settlement payments make sure those companies are not charging you hidden fees.  At New Leaf the amount we quote you for your structured settlements is the amount you receive.  Other companies may have fees in their contract they do not bring to your attention.  These fees could result in you receiving thousands less than the amount you are quoted by them for your structured settlement payments.

3.            A Prior Deal With a Different Company Does NOT Mean you have to deal with that Company Again.  It is important to know that even if you previously exchanged some of your structured settlement payments with another company, it does NOT mean you have to deal with that company again.   The large majority of New Leaf’s customers previously did transactions with our competitors for some of their structured settlement payments and then came to New Leaf because they preferred New Leaf’s service and pricing.    

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4.            Don’t Sell More of Your Structured Settlement Payment Stream Than You Want.  Remember, these are your structured settlement payments and the decision to sell all or part of them is entirely your decision.   For a few people, selling all of their structured settlement payments might be their best alternative. However, for the majority of the people who want to exchange their structured settlement payments for some immediate cash, the best option is to determine how much cash is really needed and then sell as little of their structured settlement as possible to meet that need.

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Call us for free and without obligation at 1800-517-7671

While other companies may try to push to sell more of your structured settlement payments than you are comfortable selling, we will NEVER do that.  New Leaf’s  professionals will tailor a solution to meet your needs and that you are completely comfortable with.  We will not go forward with any structured settlement payment transaction until YOU ARE SURE IT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.


5.            Don’t Get Trapped.  Some companies may try to scare you into selling structured settlement payments or going forward when you are not comfortable.  Not us.  Never.  If you deal with New Leaf and you change your mind about selling your structured settlement payments for immediate cash, you can always walk away.  Our policy is that these are YOUR structured settlement payments and exchanging them for an immediate lump sum payment is always YOUR choice.  Choose Wisely, Choose New Leaf.

***** Give US a Call NOW to enjoy the New Leaf Difference at 1-800 -517-7671*****

6.            Stop and Think.  This is your decision to sell your structured settlement payments.  Don’t be pressured or convinced into selling your structured settlement payments. The process of selling your structured settlement payments should be undertaken carefully, and you should take as much time as you need to decide if it is right for you.  It’s critical that you decide how it will affect your life not only today but in the future.

Only sell your structured settlement payments after you have considered all your options and believe selling your structured settlement payments are in your best interest.

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