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Attorneys and Brokers

New Leaf is committed to growing its business by continuing to develop and expand our network of attorneys, independent brokers, regional banks and insurance agents.  As a company owned and operated by professionals, you and your clients will receive:

  1. A Team whose Experience Rivals Anyone in Industry
  2. Personalized Service
  3. Prompt and Firm Quotes
  4. Great Pricing
  5. Regular Updates and Returned Calls
  6. Direct Access to Our Team of Legal Professionals.

As an attorney, independent broker, regional bank and insurance agent, your clients may be interested in accessing some immediate money in exchange for all or part of their structured settlement payment steam or annuity.  Even if they are not ready to take an action today, please consider contacting New Leaf to discuss your client’s options. 
One of the many benefits of working with New Leaf is that you will always deal directly with a professional with specialized expertise in evaluating your client’s situation and the value of your client’s annuity or structured settlement.  This is far different than most of our competitors.  At most other companies, it is very likely that your contact person there will be a sales representative with little background in the secondary structured settlement or annuity industry. 

In addition to the unmatched customer service, New Leaf has in place a unique and generous referral fee program.  By working with us, you can earn substantial fees for any transaction that is completed.  As we are committed to establishing long term relationships with our partners, all our efforts will be directed to ensure that you and your client have the best possible experience.


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