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Cash Out My Structured Settlement

Some questions you may be asking yourself include:

1. Can I cash out my structured settlement: At the time you agreed to accept your structured settlement you may have thought it was the best idea. You may have also been told by your lawyer that you would not be able to sell your structured settlement or cash in your structured settlement. The law in this area now permits the sale, assignment or transfer of your structured settlement for a lump sum in certain situations. We can work with you to cash out your structured settlement if it is now in your best interest to do so.

2. Can I cash out my structured settlement payments in part: You do not need sell your full structured settlement for a lump sum. While the size and timing of the structured settlement are some of the factors that impact how much cash you can get for your structured settlement, we provide you options, in most cases, that involve only the partial sale of structured settlement payments.

3. How long will it take to cash out my structured settlement: Federal and state law set forth specific time restrictions on how quickly you can cash out a structured settlement. When you speak to us, our experts can provide you with a specific answer to this question based on the state and county you live in. Our experience throughout the Nation allows us give you a very good estimate regarding how long it will take to cash out a structured settlement.

4. Can a Judge deny my request to cash out my structured settlement: The short answer is "yes". However, in the large majority of situations the judges approve structured settlement cash outs based on a determination that doing so is in the best interest of the person cashing out a structured settlement.

5. Are there any fees I will be responsible for if I cash out my structured settlement? The answer to this depends. We never pass along any processing or administrative fees to our customers. Other structured settlement buyers, however, have different practices. Consequently, when you compare our quotes for structured settlement payments with quotes you receive from other structured settlement buyers you need to be aware that our quotes represent the exact amount you will receive at funding.

You can get all the answers you are looking for regarding getting a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement by calling us at 1-800-517-7671. You can take all the time you need after getting a free quote from us to decide- we are also always happy to put out quotes in writing by providing you with a disclosure statement.







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