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Cash Out Structured Settlement Payments

When the time comes to cash out structured settlement payments because you can use an immediate lump sum, our team of honest, experienced professionals are here to provide you with options. We can help you cash out structured settlement payments that are paid monthly, annually, periodically or in lump sums in the future. As expert structured settlement buyers, our team takes pride in developing structured settlement payment alternatives that meet the specific needs of each customer. You might be surprised how many different ways there are to cash out structured settlement payments:

1. Full Buyout- Cash Out Structured Settlement Payments. Maximizing the amount of cash you receive as a lump sum involves a full structured settlement payments cash out. Most of our customers do NOT elect to do this but depending on size of your structured settlement or the amount of money you are looking to raise, this can be a good alternative.

2. Deferred Buyout-Cash Out Structured Settlement Payments. If you have monthly structured settlement payments to cash out, you may be struggling with whether you want to give up that income. We understand. As part of the structured settlement payments cash out options that we provide, you can receive a proposal that involves leaving the current structured settlement payments untouched and provides for a lump sum in exchange for structured settlement payments due out in the future.

3. Partial Buyout- Cash out Structured Settlement Payments. Whether you have lump sum payments due in the future or monthly structured settlement payments, you may like the current schedule of payments but still want a lump sum. What we can do is work with cashing out just part of each structured settlement payment and thereby you continue to receive part of structured settlement payments at precisely the same schedule as original set. This option works particularly well for people looking to cash out PART of a lump sum structured settlement payment due in the future- you can still receive part of the lump sum in the future and get a lump sum today.

When you work with professionals at New Leaf, you will see that it can be easy and hassle free to receive options based on your specific structured settlement. After you receive quotes from us, we want you to take as much time as you want to decide which option is the best. Our group culture is completely pressure free- you decide on your own time and at your own pace.

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