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Cash out structured settlement

Working with people in every state in the Nation, New Leaf's team of structured settlement experts have exceptional experience in providing options that make sense when it comes to cashing out structured settlement payments. Our goal is to construct a transaction that ultimately will be approved by a court in the best interest of our customers. While we are committed to beating any other offer you have to cash out a structured settlement, we also want to make sure that ultimately you are confident that moving forward with the transaction is something that will improve your situation. With these goals in mind, in nearly every situation we try to provide customers and potential with multiple options to consider.

When you contact us, we will simply need a little information regarding the structured settlement you are looking to cash out. The two key elements we will need is: the amount of your structured settlement payments and when these structured settlements are payable to you. Based on this information, and the amount of cash you are looking to raise, our team will provide you options including:

1. Partial Structured Settlement Cash Out Alternative: We will provide you with alternatives that allow you to get the lump sum you are looking for and at the same time retain your interest in receiving a portion of your structured settlements in the future.

2. Full Structured Settlement Cash Out Alternative: We will provide you with an alternative that allows you to get the most cash for your structured settlement from us by offering you a bulk lump sum offer in exchange for cashing out a structured settlement in its entirety.

3. Life Contingent Structured Settlement Cash Out Alternative: Depending on a series of factors, we will provide you with a lump sum offer to cash out life contingent structured settlement payments. This scenario allows you to keep all your guaranteed structured settlement payments. What could be better than keeping the income from your structured settlement and still getting the lump sum you need?

Please contact our professionals if you have any questions about the options available to you. Do not hesitate because you have concerns about pressure or sales tactics because, at New Leaf, we simply do not engage in such activities. We will keep you on the phone no longer than you want and can provide you a quote to cash out structured settlement payments in 5 minutes or less. It's this type of customer service that distinguishes our services from that of other structured settlement buyers.

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