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Cashing Out Structured Settlement Payments

When you agreed to the structured settlement, you might not have thought you ever consider cashing out structured settlement payments. Although we do hear from time to time that some customers, even when agreeing to the structured settlement, had in the back of their mind that one day that might cash in some of the structured settlement payments. In either case, if you have found our website it looks like you are deciding whether cashing out structured settlement payments is in your best interest now.

You may have heard bad things about structured settlement buyers or read some negative comments on the internet about how little you will receive when cashing out structured settlement payments. At New Leaf, we have to overcome these issues all the time. It is why when we created New Leaf we elected to bring together a team of seasoned professionals in order to provide our customers with a top experience when cashing in structured settlement payments.

How much? If you are concerned about how much you would receive if you were to go forward cashing in structured settlement payments, we understand. Call us and we will provide you with free quotes and alternatives in exchange for selling a structured settlement. Regardless of whether you accept our offer, is it not a good idea for you to know what your structured settlement payments may be worth? We think you will be pleasantly surprised how much we can pay for structured settlement payments.

How long? Cashing out structured settlement payments takes a little bit of time. If another structured settlement buyer tells you they can get you cash in a week or less, they are referring to a structured settlement cash advance. We can provide you with that too (in as little as 24 hours) but the full lump sum for cashing in structured settlement payments cannot be provided until certain federal and state laws have been complied with and that takes time. Every state law is slightly different so if you call us we can tell you how long it will take to cash in structured settlement payments in the state where you live.

How much of a hassle? Cashing out structured settlement payments can be a pain if you work with an inexperienced structured settlement buyer. Paperwork may not be done properly and processing may take much longer. Our team has decades of combined experience in various aspects of the structured settlement industry. When you cash in structured settlement payments with us, it is streamlined to reduce, if not eliminate, any effort on your part. We take on all the work as part of the services offered.

Check out our pricing, get an idea of how long it will take where you live, and any other questions answered regarding cashing out structured settlement payments at 1-800-517-7671.







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