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EZ Money

Maybe you have a family member or friend that has a structured settlement?  New Leaf appreciates you referring that person to us to discuss a lump sum option for their structured settlement payments.

We would love the opportunity to talk to your friend or family about their options for exchanging some or all of their structured settlement payments.  Of course, they will receive the very same No Pressure, No Obligation discussion of their options.  Our commitment to first class service never changes.      

For providing us with the opportunity to talk to your friend or family member about our great service, New Leaf has established the EZ Money Referral Program.  Here is how our EZ Money Referral Program works:

$100:  You will receive $100 for providing us the name, address and phone # of a friend or family member who has a structured settlement.  As soon as we speak to them and confirm that they have a structured settlement we will immediately send you $100;

$750:  You will receive $750 when that individual you referred to New Leaf agrees to receive a lump sum payment from New Leaf and New Leaf funds that deal.   

As you can see, our EZ Money Referral Program is a win-win for everyone. 




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