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Settlement Annuity Buyer - Buyer of Settlement Annuities

1. Many people wait to learn about the services offered by a settlement annuity buyer. That makes a lot of sense since why would you investigate services before you need them- especially since you may never need a settlement annuity buyer. No doubt when you set up the structured settlement you or your lawyer might not have foreseen a demand of a settlement annuity buyer arising.

When people call us in need of immediate cash from a settlement annuity buyer, we are happy to help. Not only can we provide a great price for your structured settlement but if the situation requires it, we are one the settlement annuity buyers that can provide you with an immediate cash advance. Generally we can you a structured settlement advance in as little as 24 Hours.

Regardless of the time pressure, we believe financials decisions regarding your structured settlement should be done after due contemplation. As your settlement annuity buyer we will be able to properly explain the process of cashing out structured settlement payments, provide you structured settlement cash out options and then leave it up to you which of the available structured settlement buyout alternatives are best for you. While the process of getting cash for structured settlements with New Leaf can move quickly, we still want you to have all the requisite information before proceeding.

2. Sometimes folks contact us as a settlement annuity buyer simply because they are "curious". They are curious about how it works to sell structured settlement payments, what is the best rate for structured settlements we can offer, whether a structured settlement loan is an option and what is most cash for structured settlement payments we can offer.

Getting information regarding the fair market value of your structured settlement makes good sense-whether you are looking to cash in structured settlement immediately or just want to know the worth of your structured settlement in the secondary market. We have no problem providing the "curious" structured settlement recipient with information. Ultimately, we hope that if you ever decide to sell your structured settlement payments, you will consider working with us as your settlement annuity buyer.

With all our conversations, there is no fee or cost when you get information from New Leaf Structured Settlement or a review of potential options and quotes.

Whether you need money "yesterday" or you want to know what your structured settlement is worth to us a settlement annuity buyer, call us at 1-800-517-7671.







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