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Why New Leaf?

Your Structured Settlement Payments, Your Choice

At New Leaf, we understand it is your choice when to receive your money and how to spend your money.  With this is mind, we are here when you decide you want a large, fast lump sum payment of cash instead of waiting for your structured settlement payments. 


Why Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments 

It is your structured settlement payment stream and you know what is in your best interest.  New Leaf is here to help you get an immediate lump sum payment of cash for your structured settlement payments to accomplish goals like:  

  1. Buying your dream house
  2. Paying off debts like credit cards or medical bills
  3. Buying that car you have always wanted
  4. Getting that new apartment to start a new life in a better neighborhood
  5. Saving your family’s house from foreclosure
  6. Paying for college tuition or your child’s college tuition
  7. Starting your own business or buying a franchise.  


These are just a few of the many ways that a lump sum payment of cash in exchange for some or all of your structured settlement payments could improve your life today.   There are countless others.  It is completely up to you how to utilize your structured settlement payments to achieve your goals.  Once you decide to accomplish those goals, New Leaf is here to help you take control of your structured settlement payments.


How much Money will you receive from New Leaf?

At New Leaf its up to you how much money you receive for your structured settlement payments.  Once you decide how much you need and New Leaf will tailor options for you to consider.  Options that will allow YOU to unlock limitless opportunities that go along with receiving a large lump sum payment.    


Who is New Leaf?

New Leaf is made up a team of professionals with over decades of collective experience in assisting individuals to get the money they need today for their structured settlements payments.  Our team has reviewed, analyzed and processed thousands of structured settlement payment transaction in all 50 states and hundreds of different counties throughout the United States.  With decades of experience helping people like you, we have built strong ties to the legal and financial communities in every corner of the country.  These long standing relationships ensure our customers get the best service and your structured settlement payment transaction is given the utmost attention throughout the process. 

The New Leaf Team is proud of the record of its personnel and brings these individuals together in an environment where their creativity, coupled with their knowledge and experience, can make your experience exchanging your structured settlement payments a quick, easy and pleasant process.  Whether you have done a transaction before or this is your first time exchanging some or all of your structured settlements, you will be sure to appreciate the New Leaf Standard of Service that our customers receive. 

For more information about New Leaf Click Here to see New Leaf Difference.






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